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of a rare fungal meningitis. >> mitt romney slammed a the president on foreign policy. reaction from the obama camp coming next. >> players talk about what they need to do to keep last night's disappointing when from -- loss from carrying over. >> the forecast is coming next. 52 at the airport. 56 near the inner harbor. >> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal tv 11 news at 6:00 p.m. with rob daniels and donna hamilton, your insta-weatherplus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer, sports, and skyteam 11 covering breaking news. >> more people have been infected with a deadly fungal meningitis from contaminated steroid injections. five cases in maryland. the total number has soared to 105 of people second and the number of deaths is at 8. the tainted steroids were used in injection's given to back pain patients july through september. the massachusetts pharmacy has recalled all its products. health officials say 76 medical facilities in 23 states receive the contaminated injections. for complete list, you can go to our website, wbaltv.com and click on medical alert. new p
metv. >> new polls are out as the president and mitt romney gear up for their first debate. >> the orioles did some good news as far as their postseason. wet weather so, we all set? i've got two tickets to paradise! pack your bags, we'll leave tonight. uhh, it's next month, actually... eddie continues singing: to tickets to... paradiiiiiise! no four. remember? whoooa whooaa whooo! you know ronny, folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? happier than eddie money running a travel agency. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >> both candidates are in preparation mode as new polls show the president and mitt romney are locked in a very close contest. >> mitt romney is holding a rally in denver tonight, which is playing host to the debate about 48 hours. with the clock ticking towards their first face-off at the university of denver, both candidates are hunkering down. president obama in vegas. >> governor romney is a good debater. i am just ok. >> mitt romney releasing this op
. >> unlike mitt romney, i am actually proud to talk about what is ended. >> the plan spells out his agenda for creating jobs and middle-class security. comes with a wave of republican criticism that the president is all talk with no agenda. >> the new strategy includes direct mail to voters and tv ads in swing states. >> the romney campaign says the president is offering more of the same. >> the president's path means 20 million people out of work, struggling for a good job. >> romney and running mate paul ryan are in nevada. romney says a bold reform is what the country needs, not the same old stale policies. >> we have not heard of an agenda from the president. >> with polls showing the race locked in a virtual tie, political analysts say the election may turn on which side has the better get out the vote machine. >> both teams are stealing a page from george w. bush. >> the swing state blitz will continue practically nonstop. mitt romney will also be hitting colorado, iowa, and ohio. >> how is the electoral college map looking at this point? >> the associated press is estimat
. >> on the eve of the second debate, a new gallup poll shows mitt romney leading a lot to other polls show it locked in a dead heat. obama and mitt romney crept behind closed doors while their surrogates hit the trail. in ohio, the first lady announced she cast her ballot early. >> i voted for my husband. it felt so good. >> great to be back. >> paul rhinestone for votes in the buckeye state, too. -- paul ryan stumped for votes. he dished on the debate as new poll from the washington post and politico showed the contest virtually tied. >> the race is still an aide jump ball. it could tip either way. >> the biggest thing is an increase in likability. mitt romney is having a sally field moment. they really like him. >> he can still be aggressive against the president, but he cannot get aggressive with people in town hall meetings. >> is very important for obama that he does not sit back disengaged and the mirror to mitt romney. -- demur to mitt romney. nikole killion, wbal-tv 11 news. >> representatives for of baltimore's casino address concerns today before baltimore city council members. t
cardin, and i approve this message. >> president obama and governor romney are behind closed doors getting ready for the queues debate. the president is in debate camp. president obama arriving in williamsburg, virginia, on saturday where he will sharpen his execution after a lackluster first debate with mitt romney. meanwhile, several miles away, the massachusetts governor rallied supporters. he said the president needs to deliver a stronger performance on tuesday. >> tell the story about his accomplishments and vision for the next four years. it is a winning strategy. >> campaign officials acknowledged they need to make adjustments but will not give specifics except to say mr. obama will continue to spar with john kerry and study materials. unlike his first debate camp in nevada which included a public rally, there are no public events on his schedule this time. >> by showing he is not on the campaign trail, he is doing prep and taking it seriously. he knows this is another defining moment in the race. >> a reinvigorated mitt romney was on the trail saturday campaigning in must w
. >> the voters will be able to weigh in with early voting october 26. >> president obama and mitt romney are campaigning in key swing states before the prepare for the final debate. that debate takes place monday night in the battleground state of florida. sally kidd continues our commitment 2012 coverage from washington. >> mitt romney is already in florida. the president is focusing on virginia. >> i think it is called romneysia. >> president obama blasted mitt romney as a serial flip-flop per. >> if you come down with a case of romneysia, here is the good news. obamacare covers pre-existing conditions. >> mitt romney will be rallying voters in florida on friday evening. the campaign released a new ad saying the country needs new leadership. paul ryan touted mitt romney's plant at a roundtable. >> we want to make it easier for entrepreneurs to get capital and compete. paul ryan accused the president of stonewalling and misleading the public about the attack on u.s. consulate in libya. a new poll shows mitt romney leading the president by 7 points. >> that poll appears to be an outlier.
approach then mitt romney will have. we know that he has been working on his "zingers" to attack the president because he does not have any specifics to talk about. >> the real problem is how the american people have been dealing with this obama economy over the last four years. i think we need to talk to the american people about how we can do better with his path to prosperity. >> for weeks, the two candidates have painstakingly prepared. now the real test. >> the message that comes out of the debate will be important. is it is basically a stalemate, i do not think it changes the opinion. whereas if the message is that romney did really well, that will reach and have a persuasive effect. >> the debate will be split up into several set -- segments. we have heard that the president has won the coin toss, which means he is the first question. >> thank you. in addition to the debate, both campaigns have announced new debate with sites where they will be responding to opponent claims in real time. and you can download our commitment 2012 app for your coverage. you can tune in to wat
. if that unemployment dropped from 8.1% to 7.9%, but mitt romney -- >> we are having problems with that story. the latest political news on our website, wbaltv.com, with the up-to-date information for state, local, and national elections. >>> they had fought for years to fight extradition. now four suspects are in u.s. courts. how they answered the charges against them. he was convicted of stealing the pope's private papers and linking them to a journalist. why he may not spend any time in prison, next. prison, next. >>> an extremist clear-cut and four other suspect appeared in court today hours after they were brought for into the u.s. to face trial. the preacher did not enter replete of charges he conspired to set up a terrorist training camp and at oregon and abducted 16 hostages. four other men pled not guilty. >>> the vatican says that the former butler of pope benedict is expected to get a papal apartment after stealing the pope's private documents and linking them to a journalist. he was sentenced to 18 months in prison. he said he did because he felt that the pope was not been informe
, president obama and mitt romney continued on the campaign trail today as hurricane sandy heads for the united states. with just 10 days to go until election day, the president greeted supporters in new hampshire today, where he took a swipe at governor romney's promises of big change, saying he's offering a rerun of past g.o.p. poll sills. the obama camp has yet to cancel any stops because of the hurricane, but the president's team says they are keeping a close eye on sandy, just in case the president has to respond to disaster areas. and for mitt romney, well, he joined florida senator marco rubio in pensacola. romney expressed confidence that he'll soon be occupying the white house, telling the crowd of 10,000, "we're going to win this." >> very interesting. all right. back to sandy, which has been the talk for the last couple of days. i tried to vote early today in towson and the same thing, people are trying to get a jump on the storm. >> i ran into people in the parking lot in the store today and they're working on getting everything set up and prepared. i took an awning d
, but he is not the only one bringing out the big guns on the road. mitt romney got a boost this week from canadian and dennis miller. >> i have friends that talk about voting for obama in much the same way that talk about taking an ambien and waking up naked outside. >> when mitt romney and paul ryan say they are going to put this country back to work, this is an urgent call, not one for which we can wait another four years. >> they better bring out the big guns with election less than two weeks away, but just because a celebrity comes out in campaigns for you, that usually does not make a difference. >> mitt romney and paul ryan will hold a rally with country music star john region florida friday night. nikole killion, wbal-tv 11 news. >> senator john mccain will be in new hampshire and new jersey governor chris christie campaigns. as election day draws up -- draws closer, more clergy are offering their opinions on marriage equality. outside the cathedral of the incarnation in north baltimore, people from various denominations gathered. they say the issue is not about religious freedom b
jobs plan does not create jobs. mitt romney is trying to sell you a sketchy deal. >> he spends most of his time telling you how my plan will not work. what about his plan? we know his plan has not worked. >> the president called romney out on this comment that went viral. >> i went to a number of women's groups and said, can you help me find folks and they brought me binders full of women. >> i can tell you we do not need binders to find qualified women. >> republicans hit back. >> there is only one debate left on monday. >> that is what the is a elections are about. >> knockouts -- no knockout in a fight that is hardly over. >> in presidential elections, you win by getting votes, not by winning debates. >> and that is why candidates are squeezing in a lot of campaign events before the next debate set for monday night in florida. wbal-tv 11 news. >> the candidates are pulling out all the stops and the stars. it is -- dennis miller is campaigning for mitt romney and condoleezza rice is campaigning with paul ryan. tomorrow, a former president bill clinton and bruce springsteen stump f
battleground states in their first face-to- face battleground. many thought that governor romney was the victor. >> they compared to the playoffs, after the game you evaluate and make adjustments. president obama came out in the battleground state of colorado firing and ready for the fight. >> when i got on the stage, i am at a very spirited fellow the claims to be mitt romney. >> that man could not have been his rival. >> he does not want to be held accountable for the real decisions that he has been saying for the last year. that is because he knows full well that we don't want what he has been selling for the last year. >> it is fun to be here. >> at a different event, the governor was selling this crowd. hong >> the trickle-down government is one where he will raise taxes on small business which will kill jobs. i want to keep taxes down on small business so we can create jobs. >> before meeting again while talk domestic and foreign policy. >> the mayor and chief for the last four years, the command of the subject, he also killed bin laden. those things give him a natural advantage. >> folks
americans to protect israel. >> both president obama and mitt romney will hammer home their message that the other guy is worse for america. >> mitt romney has bolstered his way into proving he can be commander in chief. the president has proved he can be commander-in-chief on the job. >> the president is all talk and no action. he talked about getting rid of al qaeda and terrorism, and we had that horrible disaster in libya. >> overall, the economy at home is still a hot issue for voters. >> it is hard to divorce domestic economic issues from foreign policy issues, whether gas prices or the trade deficit or the economic situation in greece or in spain. >> whether on the economy or some of these international issues, both candidates will be hoping to showcase their leadership abilities. new polls show the race getting tighter than ever. >> it should be interesting. you mentioned we will likely hear about the relationship between israel and iran and the war in afghanistan. what other topics might they be discussing tonight? >> most of the topics relate to the middle east. there was o
journal poll shows president obama and mitt romney are tied to weeks before the election. the poll has the race that even with 47% support for each candidate. it was conducted october 17-20 after last week's second avenue. the poll has mitt romney leading in the battleground states reject after last week's second debate. -- after last week's second avenue. -- debate. >> terrell suggs defied many laws of science, and not only did he return, but well. he said he wanted to come back against a good team. a little over weight, not in game shape, still the best pass rush off -- pass rusher in the game. a great throw and catch, 9-3 lead. joe flacco pass it -- his old nemesis, part of 29 unanswered points. suggs is happy to get back to the game, but not with the results in houston. >> we lost to a very good houston texans team. >> i don't think we need to hear much more. we will hear more from john harbaugh, coming up later in sports. >> coming up, an update on those events at a spot where three people were killed. tonight the alleged gunman is still on the loose. how the bomb squad has been j
and mitt romney are crisscrossing the country tonight, frantically making their case to the voters with less than two weeks until election day. our washington bureau reporter is in washington with that story. >> this is one of the busiest days on the trail when he kicks off a campaign extravaganza. president obama is logging lots of travel time on air force one -- some 5,300 miles with stops in multiple states. first, iowa. >> we are going to pull an all- nighter. we are starting here and going to colorado. the nevada, then florida, virginia, ohio. >> getting a head start in the buckeye state is the vice president and his competition, paul ryan. mitt romney is following in nevada. >> the president is unable to find an agenda, communicate an agenda and defend an agenda. that's why we know he's out of ideas and out of excuses and in november, you're going to put them out of office. >> with 13 days and counting -- >> there's not much time left. >> the governor got a boost from clint eastwood. >> make your voice heard. >> the obama campaign put out a new video with their star, bill cla
on the path forward. >> for mitt romney, it is all about billing on the momentum he generated after that first debate. >> it cannot worry too much about what the other person is going to do. the president is in a corner. he is not doing as well with women and the economy is sour. >> the candidates will need to strike the right balance to connect with voters, without cutting them off. >> they need to be friendly without being aggressive. >> the audience will be made up of about 80 undecided voters. there should be enough time for about 12 of them to pose the questions directly to the candidate. debate is the second of three. you can much the debate in new york tonight right here on tv 11, or log onto our website, wbaltv.com. starts at 9:00. >> after tonight, you will not be able to register to vote in the election. you can print a form to send in, or you can also register online. early voting begins october 27 and runs through november 1. each county in the baltimore area has a least one location for early voting. there are five in baltimore city. if you choose to vote early, you can cast your
heat. the poll that averages the results show that mitt romney has the result of 40% of likely voters compared to the president's 40 some persons trade suggesting rahm a gotbaums from his performance. and pat study said -- an independent study said the dream act could at monetary help. the processorprofessor said it e likely to earn jobs. >> with that the debate and saw that there was not much of their of cost and benefits. we want to fill that gap. this will appear next ballot i.s. question 4. the cdc is reporting 119 confirmed cases no in the past month. got you . >> lawmakers say the problem here is that compounding pharmacies fall into a regular tour black hole. their manthey -- may not be enough in place to protect the public. creeks and many as 13 dozen people have exposed positions produce more compelling part -- a compounding armenty. the result is a dangerous double standard. >> if you are a drug manufacturer, you have to get their approval and make sure the drug is safe and effective. theou're a, a policy requirements are not being enforced. it has been recalled alonger with
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